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Awakening the Inner Genius

(R)Evolutionary COACHING

I lead creatives & (r)evolutionary entrepreneurs on the path to uplevel their hero’s journey. 

About Kevin . . .

I coach clients in the weaponization and actualization of their intuition. Developing their spiritual abilities and senses through practical techniques and mindset hacks. People come to me to have radical accountability and wellness applied to their life in the vein of lifestyle science AND mysticism. The “conscious community” and “spiritual world” may seem archaic, silly, unscientific, or even absurd from a Westerner’s perspective looking in – however with the synergy of Eastern wisdom and current psychology & neuroscience – there is a balance. I am that bridge. Allow me to be your guide in a 4-week program designed to locate your blocks, reveal the doorway, and access the key(s) to unlocking your magical potential.


Get training in
Recognizing your intuition 

Bodily sensations, dreams, inklings, glimpses, synchronicity.

Beginning your meditation practice

From Headspace and binaural beats, to sitting in traditional yogic styles of innerwork.

Being held accountable to overall health & holistic wellness

Diet hacks, sleep hacks, efficient exercise routines, and how your body is the temple where we begin.

Building your polarity and social dynamics 

Upgrading love life, learning the philosophy of authentic relationships, developing personal magnetism, mindset in service to others.

Upleveling your Personal Power 

Learning to dance within the inner world AND your outer community – eventually becoming capable of designing it so you can become free, empowered, resilient, capable of achieving your dreams, and entering into your PURPOSE.

Upon embarking on a 100% commitment to your personal path, your financial, sexual, and wellness goals will quickly become a reality.

Upgrading your Language 

Learning how to cast ‘spells’, how to upgrade your vocabulary, how to ask for what you want, how to NOT take other’s language personally.

Emotional Awareness

Your Compass. Learning to recognize the difference between thoughtforms and emotions, accessing and rewiring the pain body, heightening empathy sustainability, learning to harness the awesome power of emotion!

Changing your State

How to hack your physical/mental/emotional state to perform better ALL the time.

Breathwork and Pranayama 

Accessing your infinite source of energy, the air all around you, building chi, controlling the monkey mind, entering into an all-day meditation.

Yoga Practice 

Committing to a daily practice of traditional yoga, Ashtanga/Iyengar/Tantra/Osho-style active meditations.

Connection to Nature

Building a practice of silence in raw nature: the woods, the ocean, the desert, the mountains.