A Night Sea Voyage

I had longed for that holy union

The inspired brush of the Numen

I found it in the bloom of every flower

I scryed it in every pool

The gods walked in me into meadows bright with starlight

I sought a thing, an object not for sale

An invocation that spurned the material

Could one even surf these tides with safety?

So quickened did the waves crash now upon reason

You saw in the soul’s deeps the reflection of treason

Turn away yonder gaze, the pain seeps into the crevices

Each half wanted the whole, looking for Other

Devouring bits of the other’s shadowed trails

This could not hold steady a vessel borne for ruin

Sought after by firmament and arcing flame

Cosmic winds blew across Fate’s bow yet again

The crewman on deck stood ready to rationalize

Not acknowledging Albatross soaring

Beauty died upon the crested shores sighted far to the South

Boreas breathed his opponents’ demise

How long did the sailors drift upon the gods’ whim?

Missing the Lunar influence upon their heartfelt souls

The poor men drifted lost.