A Rhyme to Harmony

I want to speak to you now about Harmony, said He.

It leads one body to another, forms bonds unbending, creates synergy.

It beings with that state of flow where you just seem to mesh,

That feeling of rightness and not wrongness, the ability to keep it fresh.

As we all enter the world, the individual fights the hero’s battle with sword in hand,

He or she takes on the guidance of parent and ally, yet their advice falls like sand.

Do You see?

The aspect lacking, it was Harmony.

The monsters hiding in our own shadows cannot be defeated by words, without their seeds of fear un-sown.

It takes real courage, to brave further and deeper into that dark unconscious, realm unknown.

The heartfelt armor worn by this knight is rusting, his bravery un-grown,

The chains and links of compassion and love he’s attempting to own.

It takes a whole tribe to build the new world, to wring out our feelings together,

I want to feel abundance, to taste the freedom of the self, to sun in better weather.

We need to form communities full of unities and untie this world from scarcity, save it from the Nether.

The current paradigm? It just won’t last…

I am asking my brothers and sisters to renounce that ish!

The Age of Aquarius, it’s rushing on fast!

The individual as to the whole clan, is this not the human experiential plan?

Rise up early my tribals, get to working on these solutions, many fires we need to fan.

We go out every day, with Father Sun,

We toil and slave but really…!?

Super-Monkeys just want to have fun.

May your vision be clearer in the morning, before the great disk of fire has risen,

You need make a single linguistical incision,

I am spitting out the coals, breathing the fiery prana, it’s time to make a sustainable decision!

The Inferno of heat, couched in love, it is rising.

The licking flames are here, the children of the Sun, they’re now free of fear,

No longer will we accept a broken reality, a war-torn worldview,

We want to transcend forever this post-structural milieu. ∞

“Procropolis Hector and Achilles” by Charles Garabedian – lalouver.com