A Threshold to Transformation

Stepping through a portal in the dark,

Finding oneself in a stone hallways facing a tall, cold mirror,

The dust unsettles in the footsteps of ancient hierophants, sweeping the cool stone floor,

A viridian-golden serpent slithers from the urn below,

Onward the aspirant must go,

Stopping before the threshold means death,

The way out is through,

 The path in is the hidden step upon the stair,

Mother Earth conceals gems deep within her cavernous deeps,

Once through, one may never return onto the same path,

Some guises, once donned may never be set back again,

Cast aside the doubt and fears of mortal sheath,

Emerge anew this day and stand under the Sun, a child of the Father stars.

Header image credit “Sun and Life”, Frida Kahlo – artachic.com