A very narrow scope indeed, the sunlight just beginning to seep through the cracks of awareness.

At what point did one decide to get off the cave floor and throw down the shackles?  One had gazed at the shadows for so long, being aware of some inkling of wrongdoing, yet still content to sit with the cave dwellers.

Some even tried to rouse one from the slumber in the cave, relegated to subtler methods as any direct approach was met with spite and ridicule.

It is a really jarring transition, and it cannot be rushed so as to damage.

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Find a wedge in the consciousness, some questioning aspect or weak link in the chain of being and apply the pressures there.  One’s myopic tendencies had left no wise path save one drastic recourse: suffering.

The great crossroads appear when the organism suffers greatly, whether mental or psychical.  After having all the illusions shattered by simple pain and longing, then one can melt down the old constructs and values. The nodes one clung to like a plank in that mire of sub-consciousness.

You reforge yourself.

Burning the old material and giving birth from the raw resources a causally reformed thing.  This will happen many times in one’s lifetime: some will be gradual and slight changes in temperament or demeanor brought about by life’s roads.

However others shall be the great upheavals and storms that blow through one’s mental homestead and tear down all the walls. Leaving one quite dependent on a citadel of inner strength.  Here, out at the lowest point, casting despair and bitterness into that night wind, is where that deep enduring soul  is most capable of letting go and experiencing change.

It is a Choice, even at the violent and painful end of these events, it still remains up to you to adapt or die.

When you emerge, you are immortal.

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