Before Night, Dawn

Before the night, there was the dawn.

Mind did draw from the Mother’s bosom,

As a babe filled with light.

Just the first rumblings of its cry were heard from within deep gorges.

And this form of energy was unleashed,

To route geysers of change upon the whole.

A rapid turning, such a pulling of the strings.

Some deep fissure had erupted in the heart of things,

And now we are lurching at speed towards that destiny of humanity.

The infinite gate at which a young race braves dangers of the hinterlands known,

Emerging from that alchemique transformation: Man.

Rear-guarded, casting his awareness back to time empathetic.

Eroding the beast from chrysalis of god.  

A grinding and drilling into the sediment of history will not reveal a breach to slab smooth.

It would yet show that void gazed into the storm.

Into a wheel of entropy and dancing worlds.

Befriending machine to dive into the fight with this titan who spins the thread of chance:


Man looked up at the sky encasing his soul and grasped with searching fingers…