Kevin’s obsession with evolutionary psychology and extensive experience as a coach enables him to laser in with surgical precision on the limiting beliefs, destructive patterns and disempowering stories that hold you back.

Informed by the legendary works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, you will embark on a personalized Hero’s Journey into archetypal alchemy that will incite the fires of (R)Evolution in the kingdom (or queendom) of your soul. 

Whether you’re struggling with physical impotency, financial stagnancy, mental mayhem or emotional turmoil, hiring Kevin will provide you with the tools, accountability and results you need to make a quantum leap in every area of your life.

If you feel called to work with Kevin, start your journey by getting in touch.


Are you operating from a defence strategy or living in a paradigm loop that is no longer serving you?

Do you want to break ties with energy vampires, critics, and negativity in your life?  

Have you collapsed into one of the archetypes and are wanting to get unstuck?

Are you struggling to maintain authentic, meaningful and intimate relationships?

Are you ready to embody balanced masculine and feminine energy? 

To propel yourself into a highly focused way of thinking, feeling and being?

Are you ready to move out of corporate slavery and into financial sovereignty? 

Let Kevin spot hunt the programs in your psyche that are holding you back and activate the dormant parts of your consciousness so you can transition into ultimate financial, physical, spiritual, and creative sovereignty. Collapse the mindset of self-limitation and self-sabotage so you can build and live in your Kingdom.

Noticing thematics in the way people talk and tell their stories, Kevin can identify where you are on your journey and hack you further into your mission. Through the embodiment of archetypes, stable strategies, tactics, and techniques, you will unleash the locked and hidden parts of yourself that have been holding you back.

You will learn to master the highest form of intelligence, while you tune into your bodily sensations and glimpses of your higher power. Kevin will hold impeccable divine space for reactivating the energies within you while you create the quantum change you need in your reality.


Kevin is a content creator. He produces around-the-clock heart opening and soul-awakening content through his YouTube channel, Facebook Live Videos and his private tribe of revolutionaries

 He leads and speaks at sold out retreats and workshops in paradise locations around the world, activating flow state, unlocking purpose and transforming hundreds of lives

He is the host of the (R)Evolutionary podcast, bridging the gap between you and powerful revolutionary culture mutants, superheroes, magicians and memeologists of this world

Kevin is a teacher of somatic and bioenergetic embodiment work, he releases your bodily tensions and psychological defences while expanding the capacity for the most intimate relationship between your body and mind.

He is the embodiment of a revolutionary mentor through his transformational 1:1 coaching program, guiding you to your soul’s purpose

Kevin lights the way of life to thousands of people through his teachings of yoga, breathwork, pranayama and Osho-dynamic meditation.