Learn the top techniques in meditation, breathwork, NLP, biohacking, tantra, & movement in this 6 week journey to uplevel your health, wealth, & relationships. Join an exclusive online tribe of flow masters and share your quest!


“I hit so many walls in the beginning, and this was, in fact, the course I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and to reach that place inside of me that needed to shine and to feel alive again. I cannot thank you enough for that.”

Ali Johnson

Parent Coach & Founder of Mom On A Mission

“Everything in my life has improved… The most drastic and epic change in my life is that I have completed writing my first book… He was that instrumental in making it a reality… He will radically alter your perception of your world.”

Wiley Sentor Hayes

Financial Review Analyst & Author

“I took massive and immediate action and my life is completely different right now. That was 6 months ago, without that conversation, the timings and Kevin’s word I would not be where I am right now, and right now I am living the life of my dreams.”

Mitch Snyder

Entrepreneur & E-Commerce Wizard

“There was a way of him holding this masculine presence that allowed my feminine to surrender. There was a way I could access my creativity in the container that if I had been the one holding the container, would most likely not have been able to do.”  

Arielle Brown

Coach & Intimacy Catalyst

“I began seeking the release of resistance… and one of the biggest things coming up was to stop stealing not only from myself – by not feeling my cup all the way – but stealing from the world by not giving my gifts, my all, and not tapping into the divine nature of me.” 

Michael Anthony Dinovo

Intuitive Way Shower

“Kevin has a force, energy, a being, an embodiment of power, wisdom, and intuition that he uses to help lead you, inspire you and guide you to expand your mind, body, soul or all of the above in whatever way that you need to expand.

I’ve never met a wizard quite like Kevin…”

Serena Rose

Intuitive Guide