Et Vincere Amare

One eye grows wide as it attaches to perception,

Nary a mind expands as it entrains to possibility of holistic-interconnection,

Enter this Earth, in this play, the lila of the day, each strives for comportment & perfection.

Longing paths we wander and the items, objects, and phantasms we seek,

Over the prescience of God we peer, upon his wide brow we peek,

Vowing unto oblivion with striving, on these topics one must speak,

Easing a sound replete with doubt, the words must be shout, as droplets leak.

He is diving into the spiraling firmament,

Easy, she is loaning her heart to a sky on fire, hoping to cast away ornament,

Art & life so brief, our love full, broad as the leaf, we understand ways of the impermanent,

Raucous Æons gaze in and shed a single tear, dipping divine ladle, an infinity of discernment,

Terrible passion against injustice we incinerate, halting this civilization’s mode of the corpulent.

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