From Bio-energetics to authentic relating to tantra to primal wellness, you’ll find Kevin co-hosting, MCing, freestyling, teaching and healing visionaries in his world-wide sold-out retreats and immersion camps.


There are countless reasons why companies like Bulletproof & retreat creators all over the world hire Kevin to emcee their biggest events.

As a founder of The Mystic Misfits, he’s produced adventure retreats & business masterminds with the likes of JP Sears & Charles Eisenstein.

Kevin’s proficiency as a next-level vibe designer, yoga instructor, conscious comedian, ecstatic dance facilitator, and all-out activator is an essential ingredient in creating that magical, memorable, otherworldly event experience.

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JUN 20-23 2019

Activating Purpose: Money, Sex + Power with Aaron Kleinerman & Sydney Campos

Is there anything more meaningful, more fun, more juicy than these subjects?

Break through your sexual shames, discover your soul’s purpose and own your desires so you can become a true money magnet!

Come for a deep dive weekend immersion that experientially uncovers the link between all of them.

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APR 28 2019

Tantric (R)Evolution with Nadine Lee of Tantric Alchemy

This journey will take us through the primal animal embodiments living in your blood & bones, all the way up to the higher states of elevated consciousness available within you.

A one day co-ed temple immersion into the Tantric Arts – Evolve your Sexuality and expand your consciousness.

Are you ready to (r)Evolve?

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DEC 13 2018

The Money Map with

Ali Shanti

Come into the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with your resources and watch as you get PAID.

We will be diving deep into the MONEY MAP system and Ali’s methodology for moving energy in the intergenerational gap between the last generation and the seeds to the new.




NOV 7 2018

Getting a Heart-On for Money with Brandon Hawk

What does money bring up for you?

Does it excite you? Does it challenge you??
Does it give you a HEART-ON!?

We are talking about flowing the FAST energy of the heart, AND making a ton of money doing it.


OCT 18-25 2018

The Truth about Money, Sex & Power with Sydney Campos

Mastering Magnetism, Transmuting Shadow to Gift and a Free Masterclass.

Want to learn and truly perhaps understand what sex really has to do with money, what money has to do with power, and how all three elements are interplaying off of one another constantly in the energetic games we are actively playing (consciously and unconsciously)?

OCT 10-24 2018

Reframing ROI: #Flowstate with Zulu Flow Zion

Introducing for a 3-part web series Masterclasses on REFRAMING ROI.

Ep1: Hacking Flowstates for ROI (return on investment)

Ep2: Creating from Flow to ROI (ripple of impact)

Ep3: Riding the Flowstate into ROI (river of inspiration)

OCT 21 2018

The High Vibe Tribe: Self-Healing Playshop with Charles Clay

A fun-filled play shop activating our genius with the Power of Play!

Join us for an epic day of intention-setting, community embodiment, primal play, breathwork, & dance!


AUG 1 2018

Activate Your Heart-Tools for Self-Worth | An Online Masterclass with Kristian Stephan-Martin

It’s time to take your self-worth back so that you feel confident, alive, and in love with the person that you are.

A masterclass on getting to the heart of self-worth, where you’ll learn practical heart tools for elevating your worth and expressing more of you.