As a planetary polity, humanity is facing global issues unprecedented in our evolution. The threat of extraordinary environmental threats (errant asteroids) and cyclic shifts from the Earth (climatic and magnetic field shifts) notwithstanding, the main threat we face is our own shadow.

All human-created suffering and calamity seems to stem, at root, from the expression of the ego and its identifiers. These issues, in order of the most deeply embedded, are GENDER, RACE, and CLASS.

Each organism “classifier” is integral to what it means to be homo sapiens. We depend on these characteristics for our identities, but are they worth killing each other over?

A sane person can recognize individual differences and make peace with their diversity. Variation dealing with sexual organs, levels of melanin in a person’s skin, and their socioeconomic caste of birth are ultimately arbitrary factors when compared with the human collective’s strivings and dreams.

Surely none of these things are worth laying waste to the environment and to each other’s livelihoods about.

This is why the idea of “letting go” is so stressed time and time again across world religion and philosophy. The true sages realized long ago that attachment is the enemy of consciousness. Do not grasp your identity so tightly that you cannot see reason.

“Gender Dysphoria” by N-B-R artwork @ deviantart/com

Gender is a social construction merely based on differences in anatomy and physiology. Sexual dimorphism is a matter of most higher organism biology and has been with us from the beginning. Females have been the second class gender in most primate hierarchies for vast expanses of time before humans emerged.

In a world full of threats or a scarcity rich environment, breeding and propagating the genes of the group becomes primary. Women had historically first been worshiped as Goddesses, masters of life and creation, and only later subjugated as “breeders” by male dominators. We need to face the fact that over half of the world’s population is not allowed full participation in the progress of the species. I think that this can be accomplished by engendering (see what I did there?) new, positive social values around girls and women, and by decoupling sexuality and violence.

The next has to do with what particular latitude and levels of sun exposure human bloodlines have evolved within. Race primarily has dealt with visually and culturally othering rival clans.

Imagine with me for a moment a future Earth, say even as little as 500 years in the future. What would the gene pool look like, especially given to the dramatic population increases predicted?


Eliminating race, or changing its meaning, could very well be on the species’ horizon. We will continue to interbreed, and thus to eliminate the differences between us. Even though our appearances will always vary, at least the mass cultural perspectives on these differences will dissolve under the weight of 10BN+ humans.

The ancestral and traditional barriers are breaking down with globalization. People of all races and cultures are making families and living together now. New clans are beginning, precedents that will change our ancient stigmas on being bi-racial.

There aren’t many compelling, logical, and enduring reasons to hold onto individual racial/ethnic differences as ironclad. I agree that we should try and preserve racial customs and indigenous cultures. But the tendency to put whole countries, regions, and bloodlines into compartments is at an end in this new age. All of the violence and xenophobia it causes, all of the hatred, we have outgrown it as a thinking species.


The class became most embedded after our shift from pastoral nomadism to sedentary agriculture some 13,000 years ago. The ability to store goods and harvests allowed complex systems of ownership and private property to develop.

This developed into full-blown class warfare in a few millennia. Classism and caste systems have been propagated under the radar of the more inflammatory political natures of gender and race.

This mold must be recast, first with everyone sharing in the power of the modern, globalized world. It could shift in a few generations with every child being educated to an appreciable level. Universal education and even a basic living wage would be steps in the right direction. Student debt and prohibitive gateways into higher education are tenets of a class system.

Both intellectual and economic class divisions must reform vigorously if our global system is going to continue to thrive.

We as a human race don’t need any of these factors to be inexorably linked with evolution. We have the tools to separate them in meaning and action: our mind. It is both our greatest threat, and only salvation. If we can learn how to use our higher faculties and turn them to action; those parts of humanity we know to be most good: cooperation, egalitarianism, service, compassion, kindness, and so on. Using our mental energy in sync with the yearning unity consciousness of peace and progress will bring us a global paradigm of peace and progress.

Any kind of attachment can become maladaptive. Being overly attached to that old-ass-pair-of-shorts being a case in point. One can become just as grossly attached to one’s gender identity, however on orders of magnitude more harmful to your fellow beings. We have to embrace the unparalleled freedom of our consciousness.

That very consciousness indeed is the meaning-maker for these complex cultural issues in the first place!