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(R)evolution Podcast


EPISODE 25 | Integrating the Masculine with Aaron Kleinerman

by Kevin Orosz | Listen in as Aaron and Kevin discuss: ? Male Rites of Passage & Initiation ? How many men journey from the "rigidity" of being a man, to discovering the feminine within ? The Heart as NAVIGATOR, and the mind as co-navigator! ? How emotional release, catharsis, and deep healing occurs when men allow themselves to let go ? The importance of men's circles, and containers for Kings to Call each other UP.

EPISODE 24 | The Truth About Money, Sex, & Power with Sydney Campos

by Kevin Orosz | This episode is about your Lifeforce, and your birth right. Listen to discover simple tools and strategies to daily align with your OWN life energy, and then share it from a place of TURN ON. Sydney and Kevin discuss: Tuning into your desires and are they REALLY being met? How the first 3 chakras govern security, pleasure, and willpower. If you are blocked financially or creatively, how are you showing up in your SEX life?

EPISODE 23 | Reframing ROI Part 2 || Ripple of Impact with Zulu 'Flow' Zion

by Kevin Orosz | If you are destined to have an impact on the world of any size, any magnitude, in any field, this episode is or you. Zulu and Kevin discuss: What's your purpose, and why flow states and hacking them is important to magnifying your purpose. How your mess can become your message. Using your core trauma to be in your superpower and to serve the word with more purpose.

EPISODE 22 | The rise of the Modern Warriors with Amanda Buccum

by Kevin Orosz | Amanda is a Wellness coach and a Mindset Mentor. Listen as Amanda and Kevin deep dive on what it means to be a modern warrior in today's society Speaking from the feminine and masculine perspective. They discuss how men and women circles are the NEW ancient way of the future. Shifting from 'Me too" to "We too" and the implications in the feminine in the 'Me too" movement.

EPISODE 21 | Regenerating the Masculine: From Soil to Soul with Devin Frederickson

by Kevin Orosz | Regenerating the Masculine: From Soil to Soul ?How Regenerating Soil and Food through Permaculture principles is TRUE Guardianship ?How saving & holding our SEED, both in the male body and in the land is KEY! ?Ways men can become more grounded, embodied, and use the gentle power of observation . . . ?Plus: the Top 3 Superfoods for Masculine Power and Vitality

EPISODE 20 | Reality Check: Becoming Embodied in an Artificial World with Seth Leaf Pruzansky

by Kevin Orosz | How to activate human potentials in an increasingly artificial world. Deprogramming our childhood traumas and recreating positive memories to step into self-mastery NOW . Taking responsibility for your inner AND outer worlds, and bringing them into alignment. Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and what they can teach about inhabiting this beautiful life-form we call human BEING

EPISODE 19 | The State of Emergent Masculinity with Robert Kandell

by Kevin Orosz | What is the NEW paradigm of being a MAN? Listen to this dialogue to: Explore The "War on the Feminine" and old paradigm masculinity. See the Quest for integrated wholeness within men, therefore creating better leaders, lovers, and light-bearers. Understand the fallout and implications of #metoo, and ways forward for courageous men seeking to embody the new paradigm.

EPISODE 18 | Reframing ROI - Part 1 with Zulu 'Flow' Zion

by Kevin Orosz | Zulu is an Empowerment, Mindfulness and Flow Master. Combining his background in coaching, lifestyle design, and mindfulness, Zulu specializes in ancient mindfulness and energy cultivation practices with modern coaching and universal principles to help people perform at their peak and be in The Flow Zone more often. teaches qigong and neigong in person. He is also a Spiral practitioner.

EPISODE 17 | Tapping into MindBody Intelligence with Isaiah Fliessbach

by Kevin Orosz | Committed to learning and sharing Health, Inspiration & Empowerment from the Inside-Out, Isaiah and Kevin riff on some epic holistic healing modalities and self-care topics including: FASCIA, the largest proprioceptive organ in the body! Listen in as tKevin and Isaiah discuss the difference between GOOD pain and BAD pain. And how placebos and limiting beliefs can either hurt or heal us.

EPISODE 16 | Living from HEART Mastery with Zoe Davenport

by Kevin Orosz | Zoe uses her multi-dimensional gifts to inspire and support the visionary leaders of the new paradigm. See how Self-Love is the major KEY to manifesting relationships, abundance, and wellbeing. How our triggers, injuries, and pains can be doorways into MASSIVE heart awakenings. Plus everyday practices of breath, gratitude, and heart-listening.

EPISODE 15 | Building The Empathic & Intuitive Empire with Jaya Rose

by Kevin Orosz | Jaya Rose is a highly-sensitive-driven-free-spirit. Listen to learn how you can build the business/brand/organization of your dreams and STILL feel aligned ♥️The importance of "filling your cup" as an empath, sensitive, or creative ♥️How boundaries and routines can protect your garden and make it abundant! ♥️How to actually anchor self-care practices ♥️Practicing #Gratitude: the Master Emotion

EPISODE 14 | Awakening Modern Men: Bridging the Gap with Dan Ballard

by Kevin Orosz | Dan is an inspired life enthusiast and Founder of Prosperity Life. He has guided and supported hundreds in overcoming barriers that prevent the fulfilment of needs, goals and desires. His empathic, uplifting personality and channeling ability to enrich the lives of those around him have developed the core values and foundation to what Prosperity Life means for its people.

EPISODE 13 | Liquid Forgiveness: Conquering Your Darkest Fears! with Betsy Huljev

by Kevin Orosz | Betsy is a Womb Consciousness Mentor, guiding those she serves to the inner realm of WONDER. Leaping Into The #LionsGate ? Liquid Forgiveness: Conquering Your Darkest Fears ? Some Deep Medicine in this video: ? How Mythology & Archetypes Re-Vivify the True Self ? Ways in which we avoid pain as a Teacher, and #SpiritualBypassing

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