Cultivate a powerful, connected, and fulfilling relationship wherever you are in your dating journey.

Primal Polarity is an 8-week group coaching container that will teach you the core practices & hold you to the accountability necessary to create more relational intimacy, sexual desire, and lasting results in love.

The modern world is now characterized by confusion surrounding masculine and feminine dynamics.

The clarity needed in order to create a strong, polarized relationship is often not prioritized or even totally missed.

How did we get here?

And what are the major issues?

Social media.
Dating apps.
Hookup culture.
Digital slavery.
Shifting norms.
Crises in both masculinity and femininity.

The stats surrounding marriage are staggering…

Half of them end in divorce, and 80% of the divorces are initiated by women.

More women are unsatisfied, and more men sexless than ever.


We know how powerful of an awakening a brutal breakup or divorce can be…

Whether you had yours during your long-term relationship or after, it drastically shifted the way you want to relate. 

And without the proper context, communication, and care… the pain of being unmet will always, inevitably, cause separation.

See… The frameworks needed to create a deeply rooted, spiritually growing, sexually satisfying relationship are about alchemizing those painful blind spots.

Are you ready?

Are you prepared to holistically grow into a divine union with an amazing partner, and leave behind painful dating situations?

The facts are: everyone wants to be in love.

At the end of the day, despite any amount of financial, status, or material success, everyone desires to love and be loved.
But why is this so hard?

If you follow the models handed down by your parents (in most cases) or by the popular culture, you would be at a loss.

Images and propaganda are sold to us constantly about romance.

The truth is the majority of these narratives are unrealistic and often maladaptive to the ACTUAL lived experience of a modern relationship.

So…You’re either single, dating currently, or in a long term relationship already?

You want to be in union. You want a partner that does their part to meet you in the inner work.

And sometimes it seems like there’s no one that can meet the full extent of your needs. 

But you crave committed partnership nonetheless. You can’t think your way out of this feeling.

After your awakening you realized you won’t settle for a “fast food” type relationship anymore. They either meet you in your vast depth, or it’s no.

But why is this depth so hard to find?

So what to do?

Return to the basics.

The solutions?

Conscious Leadership.
Lived Polarity.
Embodied Attraction.
Skillful Seduction.
Clear Communication.
Core Principles.

It’s time to reclaim your primal essence as a human being and learn the art & science of relating.


  • You’re a conscious man, woman, or non-binary being and just want to finally experience the real, embodied flow of satisfying relationship that meets your core needs.
  • You’re totally finished with playing “games” and dating in an unintelligent and emotionally unavailable way, you’re ready to LIVE your desires.
  • Cheesy and overly mental models of dating strategy turn you off, and you’re looking for simple, actionable success in a relationship.
  • You dream of waking up every day in love with someone fully expressed and overflowing in your heart, thinking “how did I ever settle for less before!?”
  • You’re no longer willing to play small, self-sabotage, or lead with your persona in love, instead you are ready to receive the strength of partnership, mind-blowing sex, and cultivate radical emotional health.
  • You want to find a partner who is literally checking all of your boxes for a dream King or Queen, one who is also ready to practice the energetics of love, commitment, and honesty.
  • You are an entrepreneur or professional who doesn’t want to sacrifice their successful career to discover lasting & polarized love.
  • You are feeling complete with tolerating immature dating culture & tripping over your own blind spots without accountability and support.
  • You are ready to live in alignment with your deepest principles, and shine as your true self with someone by your side.
  • You want to finally experience relaxing into a satisfying relationship that meets your core needs.
  • You want to experience immensely accelerated growth with a group of ready-to-commit individuals all attuned to juicy, relationship work.
  • You consider yourself “post-awakening” and are ready to call in a partner in the same energy that wants to grow with you.
  • You’re done playing “games” and dating unavailable or immature partners.
  • You are ready to live in alignment with your Masculine or Feminine counterpart without settling or sacrificing your sense of self.



How much different would your life feel if you could sink into a partner that saw & understood you?

Do you even know what it would feel like to get all of your deepest needs met?

Are you truly ready to commit?

The journey of divine partnership & deep intimacy might be a lifelong path. But the powerful Masculine & Feminine energies give us room to play, explore, create, and love in a new way.  

(And don’t even get me started on how much better my sex life has been since learning this).

Ask yourself…

What really happens when you create the relationship of your dreams?

Will you allow yourself to get all of your deepest needs met?

Are you available to receive the sacred attention, sensuality, and fulfillment that a high value man or woman can offer you?

Whether you are single and exploring what you actually want, actively dating and exploring, or already inside a long term relationship, the high art of masculine+feminine polarity will be needed.

The journey of intimacy is a lifelong one. We are all students on this path. And so it helps to understand the potent strategies and tactics that actually WORK when it comes to sexual polarity.


This is an eight week group coaching program designed specifically for you to claim a successful relationship, cultivate sexual intimacy, and ignite lasting polarity.

On this journey you will receive the necessary personal strategy + consistent accountability in order to make your relationship goals a reality.



  • Eight group coaching calls with the entire cohort, led by Kevin Orosz & Zach Gallardo, delivering the core program content, embodiment practices, individual laser coaching, and accountability exercises each week
  • Detailed Q&A sessions, & support coaching with weekly polarity challenges
  • Eight weeks of core accountability pod containers, where you will get the chance to be heard in an intimate group, form alliances with other participants, and get consistent feedback (so x2 calls per week total)
  • Full access to a private FB group container where all participants are welcome to share, ask for support, and post wins/questions/comments
  • Bonus: lifetime access to the 6-week, self-paced course Flowstate Mastery on building daily wellness and high performance routines, as well as the 4-week course Masculine Mastery all around relating to the four major archetypes for better sex, vision, and purpose
  • Bonus: Live Q&A interactive sessions on specific polarity teachings, common relating taboos, and challenging dating topics


We will be moving together as a group through some of the most personal and powerful transformational material there is: your own relationship to sex, love, power, and desire.

No one can decide how to move in these potent areas of life for YOU.

We can all agree…

Emotional intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and long term wellbeing in relationships are absolutely priceless…

That is why it so pays to be informed, to practice diligently, and to learn from other singles & couples who are “doing the work” alongside you.

You’ve done enough work alone. The next stage of relationship evolution is together.

This container is designed to be your full-spectrum support for all things masculine & feminine polarity.

Over these eight weeks you will be lovingly challenged, called up into your strongest self, and invited to take radical responsibility for your own embodiment inside your relationships.

Relationship polarity is both an art and a science.

That is why we will be focusing exclusively on the actionable forms of communication, practice, perspective, and embodiment that actually get results.

This is not a program for those who want quick fixes to their love life.

Nor is it for those who are unwilling to first start with a strong foundation in personal development of SELF, radical honesty, accountability, and integrity.

No one can decide how to move in these potent areas of life for YOU.

But you know very well how even the smallest internal shift leads to massive external results.

Expect to meet your shadows. Expect to rewrite stories. Expect to meet love in a new, more aligned way.

Let’s get to work.



Is this program for men AND women?


Is this for singles AND couples?

ABSOLUTELY. This is designed to support singles, but if you actually have someone that already wants to do the work with you, this is an amazing space to enhance your current relationship dynamics. Couples who join together will receive a discount.

What is the objective for polarity coaching?

Polarity is about embodying your most aligned & magnetic self. Polarity coaching will give you the necessary framework & tools to do that. The more you unlock your Masculine or Feminine power, the more life just seems to “click” in place for you.

What to expect in Primal Polarity?

As long as you enter with an open heart and mind, you can expect to experience monumental shifts in your life that will carry on throughout your relationships. These shifts include but are not limited to insights that lead to radical perspective breakthroughs, altered states of consciousness, and feeling more grounded in your overall energetic pole & physical body.

Is this gender roles?

No, masculine & feminine energy are separate from gender. They exist in all of us & require a more conscious nurturing. The way you are as an integrated being is different from how our unique polarity shows up in union with another.

What if I identify as non-binary?

The program core content and polarity energetics would still apply. If you are willing to situate yourself in context to the work, the benefits would certainly still serve you.

What about confidentiality?

What happens in our group sessions stays in our sessions. We fully understand the value of your trust, and we take every precaution to safeguard it. We will provide you with a detailed description of the ethical code that governs every session we enter together.

Is coaching a substitute for therapy?
Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or for diagnosing any underlying conditions. Coaching in this container has a practical, yet spiritual nature and does not promise any results. The client is 100% responsible for any personal or professional growth.
What is the refund policy?
You can expect a full commitment from us, so we expect a full commitment from you. Unless a life-changing event occurs that makes it absolutely impossible for you to attend the 8-week program prior to starting, there will be no refunds.



Kevin Orosz

Kevin is a coach, entrepreneur, performance philosopher, and student of humanity’s myths.

He is driven by offering his voice and presence to improve the lives of people all over the world, and has led retreats and spoken at masterminds internationally teaching the art of polarity. Through his book “Sex, Masculinity, & God: The Trialogues”, online courses, evolutionary men’s work, and private mentorship, Kevin teaches others how to create more impact and success, ignite polarity in relationships, and claim their kingdom.

Connect with Kevin.

Zach Gallardo

Zach is a men’s work coach that specializes in emotional literacy & creating a secure attachment style in relationships. With over six years of coaching experience & two years teaching relationship dynamics, Zach will be one of your support coaches for Primal Polarity.

Connect with Zach.


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