Return of the Sun God

A long night had ended,

The golden rays sought the far horizon, piercing fiercely into the fog,

Clouds parted and allowed the new light to touch the Earth at last,

The illumined energy rushed onto the parched landscape and slaked its thirst,

For too long had the Moon reigned over the land in a quiet darkness,

With crooked vine and husk of fruit laid barren,

A forest found itself without the radiant nourishment,

That nectar that dripped from beyond time and from without space,

The cosmic glow of a divine chariot,

An inferno welled up on the horizon and shot forth daggers into the dark,

Banishing ignorance and senescence with swift tendrils of brightness,

Plants sprung back to life and felt the rhythm of the ancients,

The shade now shown a cool green in place of gray,

Welcome back to ye court, whispered the winds…

 The Sun God had returned to his throne in the sky,

From this seat of all-pervading sight, may he warm the land.