The Silent Revolution

Keep those words in mind,

keep the goal fixed in time.

Look fiercely with a genuine eye for bravery,

resist unconscious fears careening towards frontiers of mental slavery.

We capture the wind in mouth as a lightning bolt arcs the sky,

but does one truly understand what it means to quietly die?

The wind was all talk spent by the denizens of the society,

contrary to the shining inner world one had to maintain alone, amidst banal nicety.

No violence hurled at the monolith will suffice,

only kindness and compassion for oneself would break this vice.

Begin by altering perception,

End by unleashing real connection.

To overthrow the centralized kings without, 

one had to journey to the tyrant’s throne room within.

Not with a thunderous shout could your mantra ring,

But with the silent din of passion did it sing.

Stay within the boundaries, keep within the Zeitgeist, 

said no brave child ever.

Watch for the light in the eyes, this is how you shall know.

Brothers and Sisters surround thee, with their calm centers aglow.

Open your heart and your eyes as well. This was the path to escape the cell.