The Stone of Prehistory

Keep close the gate to Apeiron’s inner sanctum and stand guard upon the starless, innumerable Aeons,

Unto a liberated entelechy, ancestors are calling the Name with abandon, loosing the contents therein,

 Noxious miasma wafted from the Self, filling temple shrine, yet the unearthly song was uttered sweetly in response,

 Dyadic consciousness yearning for caress of acknowledgment, set to unleash it’s might and shatter illusion,

 Alternating sonnets of archaic lore and wisdom, distilling and awakening inert depths,

 Long into the night must the rhythm beat, entraining to the engine seated within chest,

 Inside monolithic silence, the stillness of fury resounded,

 Night’s embrace, the shadow quest, the journey into the dark of de-potentiality,

Ink spilled from the blackness overhead, marking Man with his birthright upon this plane. 

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