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Kevin Orosz is a (R)Evolutionary Coach, Mindset Warrior and a Cosmic Creator. He is a Philosopher, Folk Psychologist, Poet, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Facilitator, Freestyle MC and Founder & CSO of Lifestyle brand Mystic Misfits.

Using his multidisciplinary approach, Kevin guides revolutionaries to break through all manner of limiting beliefs, outdated modalities, and constricting paradigms to uncover their unique story and live their soul’s purpose. He focuses on where the mind, body and soul meet, developing spiritual abilities by mastering the science of life through magical and radical techniques.

You can find Kevin playing dangerously at the intersection of Eastern wisdom, modern psychology, philosophy, mysticism and neuroscience. He is radical, yet synergistically holistic. Together you will develop practices that that will connect you deeper to your purpose and creativity in a program designed to locate your blocks, reveal the doorway, and access the keys to unlocking your magical potential.

Allow him to purposefully bridge the gap between the East and West, the Feminine and Masculine, and “Religious” and the Scientific; all woven through his unique wordsmithing artistry. Kevin will coach you to actualize your higher self, to unlock greatness, and fulfil your heart’s desires.

(r)evolution podcast

Welcome to the (R)Evolution. A Poetic Approach To Masculinity, Evolutionary Psychology & Philosophy, Mysticism, Sex, and Language.

Join host Kevin Orosz as he incites, invites, and articulates the (r)evolution happening through powerful culture mutants, superheroes, & memeticians. Topics range from evolutionary psychology, to ancient philosophy, to digital media theory, to sacred sexuality, and beyond.

Youtube Channel

Join Kevin in his passion and purpose as he creates content designed to inform and transform beyond limitation.

Watch conversations, interviews, deep codes and musings as well as heart-centred and soul awakening insights with Kevin.


(R)evolution Blog 


Pattern-interrupt your wakefulness and inspire your art whilst you discover some of Kevin’s finer thoughts in the form of poetry, short stories and articles.

Kevin is a story-teller and a writer who is heavily influenced by evolutionary psychology, philosophy, culture, theoretics and consciousness.


“A process begins… when the ego and soul turn to focus upon one another… When this happens, we’ve landed at the gateway of the heart.” 

~ Jacquelyn Small

Allow Kevin to meet you there.


Watch Kevin take the lead in transforming and revolutionising the collective consciousness.

From bio-energetics to authentic relating to tantra to primal wellness, you’ll find Kevin co-hosting, MCing, freestyling, teaching and healing visionaries in his world-wide sold-out retreats and immersion camps.


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Welcome to The (R)Evolution!